UniPlot Download

Last changed 2020-04-02.


If you have problems downloading UniPlot please contact us.

How to find the password:

  • Start UniPlot and open the About UniPlot dialog box: Help=>About UniPlot.
  • The Password is part of the UniPlot serial number (11 characters: xxxx-xxxxxx).


  • use the middle part of the license key found in the manual.
  • Complete key: nn-1234-123456-nnnnnn. Use the middle part “1234-123456” (11 characters).

Download Server:

Server 1
Server 2

Please note, depending on your settings, you may have to temporarily disable your antivirus software.

For 64-Bit Windows, please install the Win64 version, otherwise install the Win32 version. You will find documentation about modifications and new features here New in R2020.1 (2020-04-03).

Installation hints can be found under: Installation of UniPlot.

Versions marked with beta should only be used for testing. Please report any malfunctions.

The latest help files can be found here: https://www.uniplot.de/documents/en/download.html